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May 21st, 2014

(Chretien’s) Harper’s Challenger jets cost taxpayers millions

“We have seen the Prime Minister flying around the country on Challenger jets doing a few hours of government work, then spending the rest of the time campaigning and fundraising, often at exclusive cocktail parties where big Liberal donors pay $5,000 a ticket to discuss public business. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”
– Stephen Harper, House of Commons, November 24, 2005

Now we learn that Stephen Harper and his Ministers have been using the Challenger as a taxi service for key party operatives and fallen into the same trap of entitled behaviour that made Canadians kick out the Liberals eight years ago.

The $4 million spent on Challenger jet travel by the Conservatives could also pay for:

  • The average Old Age Security for 648 seniors
  • The average annual pension for 154 retired members of the Canadian Forces
  • The survivor allowance for 550 families
  • The guaranteed income supplement for 675 Canadians

And eight regional veterans’ affairs offices closed by Stephen Harper cost just $5.3 million a year.

Canadians deserve better than a government that spends millions flying ministers and Conservative Party friends around on private jets while cutting back on support to seniors and veterans.