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September 13th, 2021

Canadians pay a price for Trudeau’s empty words

Where Trudeau let Canadians down, Jagmeet will deliver with unlimited zeal

SIOUX LOOKOUT, ONT — Today, while talking about how he will deliver for people across Canada, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh pointed out that there is a real cost to all of Justin Trudeau’s empty promises and Canadians are being forced to pay it.

“It’s not what you say that matters, it’s what you do. For six years, Canadians heard Justin Trudeau say the right things but never do them. His empty words have a real cost for people -- expensive bills, skyrocketing home prices, a worsening climate crisis and decades of inaction on drinking water advisories on First Nations,” said Jagmeet. “Mr. Trudeau says there is a limit on how hard we should fight for the better we know is possible.”

Over the years, instead of keeping his promise to tackle the housing crisis, Trudeau helped speculators get richer and made the crises worse. House prices have gone up an average of $300,000 since he became Prime Minister. Trudeau also failed on this promise to cut families’ phone bills by $1,000, and far from limiting fossil fuel subsidies, he’s increased these giveaways to big oil by $900 million, and let emissions rise. Tragically, he has also failed on his promise to guarantee clean drinking water for all First Nations by 2021. Today, there are still more than 30 communities in Canada without clean drinking water.

“I’m not like Justin Trudeau. I won’t just talk about it. I will fight with unlimited zeal for people right across Canada,” said Jagmeet. “Better is possible. You’ve just got to vote for it.”