September 3rd, 2018

Canada’s NDP: Working for Main Street, not Bay Street.

Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canada’s NDP, issued the following statement:

"This Labour Day, I’ll be thinking about the thousands of workers I met across the country this summer. Hard-working Canadians who are the backbone of their communities and Canada’s economy.

Too many told me they are on edge, worried about what Donald Trump’s trade and tariff agenda will mean for their jobs. Others don’t have a steady job to lose because they’re stuck in the revolving-door world of precarious work. Seniors talked about having to choose between working in retirement or poverty. And families asked why the basics, like groceries, cost more every month.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Canadians are waiting for fairness while Liberal and Conservative governments take turns catering to Canada’s super rich.

The NDP is pushing for change that will make life better.

  • Fair trade that puts workers and communities first, not Bay Street.
  • Long-term, good quality jobs for today’s workers and the next generation
  • Stronger public healthcare and universal pharmacare so that people have the care they need.
  • Childcare so parents can go to work knowing their kids are well-cared for.
  • An end to tax loopholes and tax havens, so the richest pay their fair share.

Together, let’s work together to build a fair economy that works for people, not Bay Street."