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May 2nd, 2024

Another report shows the Liberals put oil and gas CEOs before Canadians

NDP Environment and Climate Change critic responded to the National Inventory Report on Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“Canadians are seeing and feeling the devastating impacts of the climate crisis, especially people living in rural and northern communities who are already fighting wildfires and coping with droughts.

But while this is happening, Canadians have gotten report after report showing that the Liberals refuse to put people and the environment before rich oil and gas CEOs. The greenhouse gas emissions report is the latest in a long list of examples of what happens when Justin Trudeau and Steven Guilbeault’s cave to big oil lobbyists.

Canada is not on track to meet its 2030 emissions targets. Emissions from oil and gas increased by 43 percent over one year under the Liberals, and Guilbeault and Trudeau continue to delay and water down the oil and gas emissions cap.

At a time when the government should be putting people first by getting money back into their pockets and tackling the climate crisis to protect communities and people's livelihoods, the Liberals’ focus is on climate photo-ops, not action. At this pace, the Liberals won’t be around to see the emissions cap put in place – buying time for oil and gas CEOs to make as much money as possible, while driving up emissions.

With the Liberals and Conservatives, it’s a lose-lose situation. The Liberals make big announcements, only to let Canadians down when they don’t follow through. And Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives can't even agree if climate change is real and will never make rich CEOs pay their fair share.

Everyone loses if working Canadians have to bear the brunt of the climate crisis and tackle it alone. New Democrats are pushing for results to make life more affordable for people while reducing greenhouse gas emissions so that we can all have a healthy and secure future.”