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June 22nd, 2022

After spending billions on the Trans Mountain Pipeline – the Liberal's harmful project not profitable

NDP Environment and Climate Change Critic, Laurel Collins, and NDP Natural Resources Critic, Charlie Angus, made the following joint statement:

“People across Canada have been dealing with the devastating impacts of the climate emergency. The increases in devastating flooding, forest fires and extreme weather has cost lives and threatened livelihoods and communities.

Instead of taking the urgent and bold action needed to save lives and fight the climate emergency, the Liberals have continued to throw billions of dollars of public money at the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Today, a report from the PBO confirmed what everyone already knew – that the Liberals should not have been throwing Canadians’ money at the failing pipeline.

For six years, the Liberals have said the right things about meeting climate targets, fighting the climate crisis and encouraging a green economy but the reality is they’ve continued to support big oil and gas projects. Today’s report only proves that the TMX project was a lose-lose for Canadians.

Instead of using the last seven years to create and deliver a strong plan to protect workers and the environment, this Liberal government shovelled billions of dollars into a pipeline that hinders our climate goals and makes no financial sense. While Canadians struggle to put gas in their cars or food on their tables, the Liberals are projected to lose $600 million in public money to the pipeline. People are right to be upset.

New Democrats have been urging the government to end fossil fuel subsidies and create a just transition that help workers transition to a cleaner economy. Just weeks ago, the Liberals and Conservatives teamed up and refused to stop giving billions of dollars in subsidies to oil and gas companies making record profits but New Democrats won’t give up the fight for hardworking Canadians. We will keep fighting for a more secure, safer and greener future for Canadians.”