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September 11th, 2019

5 times Justin Trudeau Sided with Rich Friends and Corporations over Canadians

Justin Trudeau chooses to side with his wealthy friends again and again. Here are 5 times Justin Trudeau sided with the richest people and corporations, and made Canadians pay the price:

1. Big Pharma
Canadians are paying some of the highest prices in the world for their medication – about 25% more than the median price people in other developed countries pay for the same drugs. (Health Canada, 9 Aug 2019)

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals met with big pharmaceutical and insurance companies 850 times while refusing to take real action on pharmacare.

2. Big Telecoms
Canadians are stuck paying some of the highest cell phone and internet prices in the world. (Government of Canada, 21 Dec 2018)

Trudeau’s Liberals met with telecom lobbyists 550 times. The result is an almost fifty million dollar break for Bell, Rogers and Telus while Canadians are stuck with sky high cell phone and internet bills.

3. Big Oil
Justin Trudeau told Canadians he would take on climate change. Instead, he broke his promise to end billions in fossil fuel subsidies and bought a $4.5 billion pipeline on the public dime – all while meeting 1,500 times with oil company lobbyists.

4. Real Estate Speculators
Housing prices are skyrocketing out of reach for Canadians. One-in-five renters are being forced to put more than half of their paycheque into housing. (Georgia Straight)

Justin Trudeau has refused to take on the wealthy speculators that treat housing as a cash source, not a place to live.

5. SNC-Lavalin
And while Justin Trudeau refuses to work for Canadians, he’s been showing people who he does work for – big corporations with connections, like SNC-Lavalin.

And just this morning, he blocked the RCMP’s efforts to look into obstruction of justice allegations.

Again and again, Justin Trudeau has shown that despite his pretty words, he always puts the wealthy and well-connected first.