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May 4th, 2023

10 years of Justin Trudeau, 10 broken promises

A selection:

  • Promised affordable housing but the cost of a home has nearly doubled.
  • Promised clean drinking water but 32 long-term drinking water advisories are still in effect in 28 communities.
  • Promised that prescription birth control would be covered under national pharmacare. That promise disappeared along with pharmacare.
  • Promised that every Canadian would have access to a family doctor – 6 million Canadians still don’t. 
  • Promised to stand up for public health care, then praised Doug Ford’s privatization as innovation.
  • Promised a $4.5 billion mental health transfer. They now appear to have abandoned that pledge.
  • Promised to plant 2 billion trees over 10 years. Only 2.3 per cent of the trees have been planted in the first two years.  
  • Promised to end charity status for anti-abortion groups. More than 90 per cent of crisis pregnancy centers still have charitable status.  
  • Promised that families would save $1,000 per year on cell phone plans. It’s been two years and families are still waiting.
  • Promised to make reproductive health care more accessible. Only 1 in 6 hospitals provide abortion and those living in rural areas, especially on reserve, are forced to travel to access the care they need.