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Jagmeet Singh: This moment

Ready for Better

While most Canadians have struggled to get through the pandemic, Canada’s billionaires sat back and watched their wealth balloon to record highs – $53 billion higher to be exact.

Justin Trudeau and the Conservatives say they care about normal people, but they’ve done everything they can to protect the profits of the wealthy and corporations – including voting against a wealth tax.

It’s time to ask the very wealthy who can afford anything to pay their fair share towards a recovery that works for everyone.

Jagmeet Singh and the NDP are ready for better. We’ll implement a 1% wealth tax on fortunes over $10 million, make sure big corporations that made record profits off this pandemic are supporting our recovery, and close tax loopholes to ensure everyone is paying their fair share – and we’ll use the revenue to help you and your family, with policies like:

  • Universal pharmacare
  • Real and immediate solutions to the climate crisis
  • Building 500,000 affordable homes
  • Introducing quality, affordable childcare to get people back to work
  • Supports for small business so we can recover faster

We know you’re ready for better. We’re ready too.