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We’re checking in with Canadians across the country — and want to hear from you.


  • Message from Jagmeet

    In the last few months, our world has changed dramatically.

    Many people are wondering when things will return to normal. All of us are looking forward to getting back to a time where we can visit our family and friends, go back to work, and do things like going out to a restaurant or the grocery store without worrying about the risk. But what this crisis has taught us is that we need to do better than “normal.”

    Before this pandemic, it was normal for workers to be forced to go into work sick because they didn’t have paid sick leave.

    It was normal for families to struggle to get by to pay the bills – living paycheque to paycheque – in fear of what might happen if they were to lose their job.  

    It was normal for essential workers – people who help feed our families or care for the most vulnerable – to not get paid enough to live.

    It was normal to have the public health care system starved of funding – leaving us unprepared to face this crisis and unable to care for our seniors safely and with dignity.

    We can’t ever go back to “normal.”

    This crisis has exposed the inequalities that have been allowed to grow deeper in Canada.

    Now, we have the opportunity to rebuild our health care system, where we finally create a system that covers us from head to toe, for our whole lives.

    Now, we have the opportunity to build the infrastructure we need to fight climate change. 

    Now, we have the opportunity to make sure every public dollar goes to helping our workers and their families, not wealthy CEOs.

    Now, we have the opportunity to build a Canada where we take better care of one another.

    Not just when we are sick – but always.

    Jagmeet Singh
  • Message from Charlie


    COVID-19 has put us into a never-before-seen crisis. But it’s a crisis that is showing us in serious terms what wasn’t working for many Canadians: an underfunded healthcare system threatened by cuts and privatization, a social safety net that wasn’t helping the new realities of workers faced with contract and unstable work, and how necessary goods that Canadians depend on can quickly become out of reach.

    Canadians are learning that we’re stronger when we take care of each other. 

    Our leader, Jagmeet Singh, has asked me to explore how New Democrats can lead with a plan towards Building for Better as we come out of this crisis.  

    The COVID-19 crisis has impacted every region of our country, and this is an opportunity to hear from you about how we can drive a recovery that leaves us better off than we were before.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas. We're in this together.

    Charlie Angus
    MP, Timmins—James Bay