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September 18th, 2019

Why Won’t Justin Trudeau Put Some Teeth into Medicare?

Dental care is the second highest out of pocket health care cost for Canadians – trailing only prescription drugs.

One out of three Canadians has no dental coverage and six million Canadians avoid seeing a dentist because of the cost.

Emergency dental visits cost taxpayers more than $155 million a year.

Yet Justin Trudeau’s Liberals acknowledge that “no federal investments are being made” in dental care.

However, they did find time to meet with insurance industry lobbyists over 300 times in four years.

Justin Trudeau’s pretty words won’t make dental care more affordable.

Jagmeet Singh has a New Deal for People that would immediately help the 4.3 million Canadians now without coverage.

Former NDP Leader and Medicare founder Tommy Douglas:

"The ultimate goal of Medicare must be to keep people well rather than just patching them up when they get sick... It means expanding and improving Medicare by providing Pharmacare and Denticare programs." (The Future of Medicare, 1984)

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh:

“Instead of helping the millions of Canadians struggling with out of pocket dental costs, Justin Trudeau is meeting with insurance lobbyists and handing billions to big corporations. It’s time to put people ahead of the profits of corporate insiders. Our Denticare plan will make life more affordable for millions of people."