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September 15th, 2021

Trudeau’s plan to keep letting corporations profit off seniors puts them at risk

In the first phase of the pandemic, seniors in for-profit care were 60% more likely to fall sick and 45% more likely to die from COVID-19 than seniors in non-profit care.

Meanwhile, for-profit care companies paid out $170 million to their investors.

But despite this, Trudeau’s plan for long-term care doubles down on for-profit care.

In March, Justin Trudeau teamed up with Erin O’Toole to vote to keep profit in long term care.

Dr. Vivian Stamatopoulos, long-term care advocate: “We have met with [Justin Trudeau’s] people and we have very clearly pointed out the issues with ownership, the devastating impact that for-profit has, the undeniable impact for-profit had during this pandemic and well before it. And the fact that they have refused to address ownership, and they have consistently shot down opportunities to phase out for-profit is very troubling to me.”