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September 26th, 2015

Trudeau’s overspending on $10b deficit plan means ‘promises’ can’t be kept

Trudeau’s plan shows cuts, broken promises and a $1 billion hole in revenue

The NDP is calling on Justin Trudeau to resurface and provide answers on his fiscal plan, after his envoy of candidates sent out to explain his costing was unable to explain exactly how many of his ‘promises’ will be broken to fill the gap in his plan.

Despite promising to run three years of $10 billion deficits, Trudeau’s plan announced today will lead to $6.5 billion in general cuts on top of planned cuts to healthcare; it breaks the promise to invest in education for Indigenous Peoples by hundreds of millions of dollars; and it overestimates their revenues by at least $1 billion due to an error in their plan to hike personal income taxes.

“Justin Trudeau won’t ask the largest, most profitable corporations in Canada to pay their fair share,” said Andrew Thompson (Eglinton – Lawrence). “Instead, he’s forcing $30 billion of debt on the shoulders of future generations.”

A more than $1 billion per year error in Trudeau’s revenue projections puts his plans even further in doubt, leaving Canadians with even more questions about what promises will be broken. The NDP is calling for Justin Trudeau to resurface ahead of the Munk debates to clarify how he will decide what would stay and what would go.

“Mr. Trudeau needs to come out and explain why he’s refusing to help pay for new doctors and why he won’t help create new childcare spaces” asked Sadia Groguhé (Longueuil–Charles-LeMoyne). “Canadians know that Mr. Trudeau will have to make tough cuts based on his plan. Canadians deserve better.”