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October 15th, 2019

Trudeau Refuses to Save New Brunswick’s Only Abortion Clinic

Last week, New Brunswick’s only standalone abortion clinic announced that it is closing because of the province’s ongoing refusal to cover the cost of surgical abortion services outside of hospitals - a clear violation of the Canada Health Act.

New Brunswick has violated the Canada Health Act every single day Justin Trudeau has been Prime Minister. And every single day, he has ignored widespread calls to use the powers of the act to ensure abortion is funded.

This morning, Justin Trudeau was challenged by reporters on his failure to stand up for abortion access in Atlantic Canada.

He promised to “sit down with Premier Higgs if re-elected.”

He insisted “we had very clear conversations when I was leader and Prime Minister.”

He bragged that “we encouraged Premier Gallant to expand access.”

But every single day Justin Trudeau was Prime Minister, he chose not to use his powers to protect abortion access. Now, people in New Brunswick are losing access.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh:

“Justin Trudeau says he stands up for choice, but he has consistently refused to use his power to protect access to abortion. If Justin Trudeau was serious about standing for the right to choose, he would have acted on this four years ago instead of just talking about it. We’ll enforce the law right away so we can save Clinic 554 and we’ll work to protect improve abortion access across Canada.”