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September 29th, 2019

Trudeau Locks In Plan to Spend Less Than Harper on Housing

In June, the independent Parliamentary Budget Officer found that Justin Trudeau is set to spend 19% less than Stephen Harper on housing as a percentage of GDP.

He also wrote: “it is not clear that National Housing Strategy will reduce the prevalence of housing need relative to 2017 levels.” (Toronto Star)

University of Toronto Professor David Hulchanksi said: “The Liberal Party and even CMHC have mixed all these together into big sounding amounts, as if a great deal is happening. But not much is happening in terms of meeting housing need and existing spending on housing remains at a historically low percentage of the federal budget.” (Globe and Mail)

Today’s platform commits no new funding for housing – confirming Trudeau’s plan to do even less to help people with housing costs than Stephen Harper did.