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April 10th, 2016

Statement from NDP National Director, Karl Bélanger

This weekend, in the best traditions of our party, we gathered for lively and respectful debate — and to chart a path forward together.

The membership’s desire for change and renewal has been heard. The NDP Federal Council will meet this afternoon to initiate the process to determine the next steps towards a leadership election.

In the months ahead, we will work tirelessly with our members to renew, rebuild, and strengthen this great party of ours.

We want to thank Tom Mulcair for his tireless work on behalf of our party, and all Canadians.

Millions of Canadians are counting on us to stand up to powerful interests and fight to even the odds for them. That’s exactly what we will do.

This convention has shown that New Democrats are dynamic, energized and strongly invested in renewing the party.

The next chapter begins today. New Democrats will now move forward, united, together.