June 24th, 2015

Statement by the leader of the Official Opposition on Quebec’s national holiday and Saint-Jean Baptiste

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on Quebec’s national holiday and Saint-Jean Baptiste:

“To mark Quebec’s national holiday and Saint-Jean Baptiste, I join with Quebecers and Francophones across the country in celebrating Quebec’s rich language and culture.

“Nearly 500 years after Canada was first settled by Europeans, we can be proud of the continued presence of the French language in our country. However, much work remains to be done to promote and protect the French language in Canada.

“The NDP passed a bill on the bilingualism of officers of Parliament and is committed to reinvesting $115 million in CBC/Radio-Canada so that Francophones across the country can have access to quality local information in French.

“The Official Opposition also presented a bill supporting bilingualism of Supreme Court judges and tabled a bill to amend the Labour Code to ensure the right to speak French in businesses under federal jurisdiction, in Quebec.

“Together, we will ensure that our heritage continues to thrive by promoting our shared values of equality and respect.

“On behalf of all New Democrats, I wish you a memorable holiday!”