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October 15th, 2012

Social housing: NDP and organizations urge Conservatives to take responsibility

By choosing not to renew subsidies, Conservatives are leaving vulnerable Canadians to their own devices

On the eve of the first hour of debate on Bill C-400 on housing, New Democrat Housing critic Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet (Hochelaga) as well as Marie-Claude Morin (Saint-Hyacinthe – Bagot), who initiated the bill, join many groups and associations in calling for urgent assistance from the federal government to finance social housing.

“Canada is the only G8 country without a national housing strategy. In 2009, Stephen Harper pledged before the UN Human Rights Council to work more efficiently with the provinces and territories to ensure that all Canadians have access to affordable housing. It’s time to fulfill this promise and that’s exactly what C-400 will accomplish,” said Morin.

Bill C-400 seeks to ensure secure, adequate, accessible and affordable housing for all Canadians. Boutin-Sweet begins a tour on housing this fall to consult the public upon this issue and elaborate the NDP’s national housing strategy.

“The federal government’s disengagement with respect to its social housing responsibilities is blatant and growing. The provinces are running out of resources. The lack of social housing and its deterioration due to the lack of funding are at a critical level. Over 1.5 million families don’t have access to social housing. It’s more than time to help them,” said Boutin-Sweet.