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February 22nd, 2014

So Liberals, how much did that one cost?

Now that Justin Trudeau has finished his latest (...pause for dramatic emphasis...) speech, Canadians are wondering, how much did it cost?

After all, even while public speaking is an integral part of a MP’s job, Trudeau is well-known for charging schools, hospitals and charities large fees for hearing from him.

Ten grand from the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association, another ten from the Ontario Hospital association, another ten from the Charity of Hope, thousands paid by student unions, teachers associations and others.

And all the while, Trudeau was supposedly a full-time Member of Parliament. He even missed votes in the House of Commons ‎because of his moonlighting!

If you charge charities and school boards tens of thousands of dollars, clearly the rate should be a bit higher for a political party, right?

So… how much was that afternoon speech going for – $10,000? $15,000, $20,000? Or perhaps, unlike charities, the Liberal Party got a preferential rate?

Time and again, Justin Trudeau has shown his inexperience and poor judgment.‎ Canadians deserve better.