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June 16th, 2022

Singh: Lack of Liberal plan shows they don’t understand the reality of struggling Canadians

Under the Liberals’ plan, Canadians receiving the GST tax credit will only get an increase of seven dollars a year

OTTAWA — Canadian families are falling further behind as the cost of groceries, gas, housing and interest rates are steadily rising. Almost 1 in 5 Canadians can’t buy enough food because grocery prices are so high, and a survey released earlier this week confirmed almost one in four homeowners say they would be forced to sell their home if the interest rates continue to rise. Canada's NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says the government’s reannouncement of measures they’re already doing is insulting to Canadians struggling to take care of their families.

“People are feeling stressed about feeding their kids or keeping their house. And today we see clearly that they are being abandoned by this government,” said Singh. “People need real help. They need their government to get money back in their pockets so they can afford basic necessities. Instead, the Deputy Prime Minister is on Bay Street today making reannouncements that do nothing to help people today. While the Liberals focus on the corporate elites, their so-called plan to help hardworking Canadians gives them seven extra dollars on their GST cheques. Seven dollars. This is shameful. New Democrats will keep pushing this government to deliver real help to Canadians.”

For weeks, the NDP has been calling on the government to help over 12 million Canadians now by doubling the GST rebate and adding $500 to every Canada Child Benefit to get between $500 - $1000 back into their pockets. Singh says the Liberals clearly aren’t interested in helping Canadians cope as gas prices, the cost of food and housing become unaffordable for millions of people.

“Families deserve real support. Instead, the Liberals are offering a seven dollar increase to the GST tax credit— this isn’t even enough money to buy milk and bread,” said Singh. “It has never been more obvious that the Liberals are so disconnected from the realities of everyday people. When times are tough, it shouldn’t be hardworking people who pay the price. While the Liberals offer Canadians the bare minimum, New Democrats will keep fighting to get people the help they deserve.”