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July 7th, 2021

REALITY CHECK: Trudeau wasn’t there for Small Businesses

When it came to helping small businesses through the pandemic, Justin Trudeau didn’t understand the reality of being a small business owner.

Justin Trudeau limited the Temporary Wage Subsidy to 10% and left out sole proprietors and family-run businesses from the Canada Emergency Businesses Account.

He made it so that small businesses could only get emergency rent support if their landlords approved it first.

Even today, small businesses that opened since March 2020 are left out the support programs designed to keep them open.

If it wasn’t for the NDP, more businesses would have shut their doors and more jobs would have been lost.

We fought for and won a 75% wage subsidy to help more people keep their jobs. We fought for expanded CEBA eligibility for more small businesses. We secured a new rent relief program that helped more small businesses keep their doors open.

Justin Trudeau just doesn't understand what small businesses need to survive and recover from the pandemic.