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April 16th, 2021

REALITY CHECK: Trudeau must act - workers waiting for paid sick days they can use

As many parts of Canada teeter on the brink of ‘worst case scenario’, Justin Trudeau is sending mixed signals about what he is and is not doing, or even responsible for:


“Unfortunately, we’re still getting a lot of transmission inside the country, and that is something that we need to continue to monitor. But that’s not something that the federal government needs to step up on.” - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, April 13, 2021


“This is a moment where all hands are on deck, and we’re all working together to get through this third wave.” - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, April 16, 2021

Mixed messages aside, today’s mobile vaccine deployment announcement comes two months after Jagmeet Singh demanded a similar deployment, and that Canada take an “all hand on deck” approach to stop a third wave of COVID.

If Justin Trudeau is looking for more free advice, Jagmeet Singh is urging the federal government to immediately improve access to the paid sick leave program. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take him two months of dithering to agree.

Canadians need urgent help. Canadians deserve better.