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August 1st, 2019

Reality Check: Scheer Recommits to Health Care Cuts

Today Andrew Scheer attempted to reassure Canadians that he won’t cut planned health care spending by committing to keeping existing cuts in place.

"Stephen Harper’s Conservatives cut planned health care transfers, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals implemented those cuts, and Andrew Scheer is promising this time, he’ll be different — by keeping those cuts. No one is buying it," says NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

The Conservatives – federally and provincially – have demonstrated over and over that they don’t want to expand public health care coverage for people.

Canadians just have to look to Ontario to see the proof of Conservative cuts to health care. Under Doug Ford’s Conservatives, the provincial government:

  • Cut drug coverage for youth under 25;
  • Cut paramedic services;
  • Put essential programs for disease control, immunization, food and water safety and more at risk by cutting public health;
  • Cut out of country health coverage;
  • Opened the door to more privatization of health care.
“Andrew Scheer will promise people a few more dollars – but he’ll cut our services. The Conservatives can’t be trusted with the health care services we all rely on. And Justin Trudeau implemented the Conservative’s cuts to planned health care spending,” added Singh. “We can make better choices. New Democrats take your health and pocketbook seriously – after decades of Liberal and Conservative cuts – our plan for you starts with prescription drug coverage for every Canadian, and more services to keep you and your family healthy for less.”

New Democrats are committed to strengthening public health care and expanding it to make sure everyone is covered for the care they need to get and stay healthier longer.

“Andrew Scheer is promising the status quo — and even that isn’t all that believable when we look at the history,” said Singh. “No matter what they tell you before an election, Conservatives cut health care after the election.”