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September 18th, 2023

REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau delays and disappoints Canadians

As the Liberals are meeting with big grocery CEOs pretending that they want to stabilize food prices, Canadians are asking on what planet they were living for the past 2 years.

Canadians were dealing with skyrocketing prices and record food bank usage while it’s been reported that a company like Loblaw made $1 million per day in excess profits in 2022.

For 20 months in a row, food prices have outpaced inflation. And during that same period, big grocery lobbyists met 57 times with Liberals. That’s 57 chances for the Liberals to tell them to lower their prices, but they didn’t.

When the NDP proposed taxing the excess profits of big grocery companies and put it back in people’s pockets, Justin Trudeau dismissed it as ‘’too simplistic’’ and he teamed up with Pierre Poilievre to stop it.

And when the NDP forced a parliamentary committee to summon big grocers CEOs, Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre didn’t bother to show up.

While Justin Trudeau is just waking up, Jagmeet Singh has been raising this issue since March 2022.

"Asking CEOs like Galen Weston to stop jacking up prices is like asking Pierre Poilievre to tackle the climate crisis. We all know it won’t happen and that this is just for show,” said NDP Critic for Food Price Inflation, Alistair MacGregor. “The Liberals' delay has cost families a lot of money. For a year and a half, they could have been working to tackle corporate greed and bring down costs for families, but they chose to ignore the problem. Now that Canadians are fed up with them, their big plan is to ask nicely for lower prices—Give me a break. People deserve better than that. While Liberals polish their talking points Jagmeet Singh is introducing legislation today to actually lower prices for Canadians.”