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May 9th, 2021

REALITY CHECK: Even the Liberals agree they messed up on vaccines

Canada is on fire trying to fight the third wave of COVID-19. Alberta and Ontario’s hospitals are bursting at the seams, with other provinces following closely behind.

Delays by the Liberal government to get vaccines to Canadians and our inability to produce vaccines at home has lead to preventable deaths and hospitalizations. Even the Liberals agree!

“If vaccines came sooner we probably would not be standing in this place right now… Yes, there is a lot we could have done to do a better job of making sure we were prepared.” – Mark Gerretsen (Kingston and the Islands), Hansard, May 5, 2021

How does the Prime Minister respond when even members of his own caucus admit they messed up?

“We all want to get through this pandemic as quickly as possible. And that means all of us getting vaccinated as quickly as possible.” – Justin Trudeau, Globe and Mail, May 4, 2021

Canadians don't need to be told to take vaccines - they desperately want them and have been waiting hours in line to get vaccinated. Canadians need their PM to give them more vaccines. They need actions, not pretty words.

You know something is wrong when the Americans see us as the little sibling they need to rescue by donating some of their vaccine supply.

Canadians deserve better.