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August 4th, 2022

Ragging the puck won't solve systemic problems at Hockey Canada

NDP Heritage Critic Peter Julian issued the following statement:

“Today’s announcement by Hockey Canada is another attempt to delay the important and urgent work to deal with the toxic culture in this organization. While a former Supreme Court Justice is a credible appointment to conduct the review into Hockey Canada, this won’t be the first time the organization undergoes this process.

Recommendations came to the Hockey Canada board in the past on how to respond to sexual abuse and racism in the organization, but they failed to follow through. Their inaction in fixing these systemic problems cost them their credibility and Canadians' trust in Hockey Canada. It’s time for a leadership change to let others do the work they failed to do and restore confidence.

Let’s not forget the responsibility of the federal government that allowed this crisis in sports to worsen. Hockey Canada’s appointment does not mean the federal government is off the hook. Just last week we learned that Sports Canada failed to act when they learned of the 2018 sexual abuse allegations involving Hockey Canada. That’s why the NDP is calling on all Ministers of Sports that were in office since the complaint came in to appear before the committee to get to the bottom of what happened. Canadian families deserve accountability.”