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December 3rd, 2022

As Premier Smith pursues privatization, Singh's NDP calls on Trudeau to protect Alberta’s public health-care system

EDMONTON – On Saturday, Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh demanded Trudeau’s government protect Alberta’s public health-care system and support health-care workers, so that Alberta families can get care when they need it. The call is in response to Conservative Premier Danielle Smith’s dangerous pursuit of privatizing the province’s health-care system, which will only make it harder for families to get care.

“Parents are waiting long hours in the ER while Alberta’s health-care workers can barely keep up with the high number of patients,” says Singh. “Instead of making things better for families, Premier Smith is trying to force you to pay out of pocket for the care your loved ones need. And what is Trudeau doing? Blaming everyone else and leaving Albertan families to fend for themselves.”

The federal government must get back to the negotiating table with the provinces and do more to protect and strengthen Canada’s public health-care system so health-care workers and families can get the respect they deserve.

At a time when Conservative premiers across the country are threatening Canada’s public health care, New Democrats are calling on the federal government to uphold the Canada Health Act equally for all Canadians.

“Enough is enough. Our health-care heroes are burnt out, and Alberta’s children’s hospitals are running out of beds. Parents are terrified of their kids getting sick,” says Singh. “Trudeau can’t let Premier Smith and Conservatives destroy Alberta’s public health-care system. He needs to step up and take action. New Democrats will always fight to protect and strengthen Canada’s public health-care system so it's there for your family when you need it."