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May 20th, 2013

Police should investigate 90k payment from Harper top aide

OTTAWA – NDP Ethics critic Charlie Angus has written to RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson regarding the troubling actions of former Stephen Harper top aide Nigel Wright.

Wright resigned yesterday, just days after news emerged of a secret $90,000 payment he made to Senator Mike Duffy, allegedly part of a deal to cover-up Duffy's role in the Senate expense scandal.

"I am writing to you concerning troubling information that has appeared in the media regarding a payment made by the former Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, Mr. Nigel Wright, to Senator Mike Duffy," Angus writes. "I am concerned that such acts may violate the laws that the RCMP is charged with upholding and enforcing. I request that the RCMP take these concerns into account, investigate promptly and take all appropriate action."

Letter from the NDP to the RCMP Commissioner is attached.