June 5th, 2018

Plastic Pollution is a Global Crisis: NDP Statement on World Environment Day

Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canada’s NDP, issued the following statement on World Environment Day:

World Environment Day is a chance to encourage global action to protect our environment – but it’s also an opportunity to realize the work we have ahead of us for Canada to become a truly effective climate change leader.

The truth is, we haven’t been doing enough – whether it’s our failure to meet the underwhelming emission targets set by Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, or spending 4.5 billion dollars of tax payer’s money on a crude oil pipeline – Canada must show more leadership on the global stage.

The theme for this year is particularly important ­– Beat Plastic Pollution – as it shines a light on the crisis our planet is facing when it comes to plastics in our waters and on land.

This is why I’m so inspired by the work of my colleague, MP Gord Johns, and his tireless efforts to create a National Strategy to Combat Plastic Pollution.

Gord’s motion aims to create permanent, dedicated, and annual funding for community led clean ups, and reduce consumer and industrial dependence on single-use plastics – along with a variety of other concrete proposals to help Canada beat plastic pollution.

New Democrats will continue to lead the fight against plastic pollution, and for the greater protection of our waters, land and air environments.

On World Environment Day, let’s recommit ourselves to our responsibility here in Canada and around the world to be a champion in the fight against climate change. Let’s build a country that has a vision for future generations – because when we take care of the planet, we’re taking care of each other.