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November 12th, 2014

No more excuses for Conservative climate change inaction

While the American and Chinese governments have announced a bold plan to slash carbon emissions, Stephen Harper’s failure to tackle climate change means that Canada is once again lagging behind global action on the climate crisis.

“If the world’s two largest polluters can form a partnership to prioritise our environment, there’s no good reason for the Conservatives to continue to stall Canadian action on emissions reductions,” said NDP Environment critic, Megan Leslie (Halifax).

While Environment Canada figures have repeatedly showed that Canada will fall far short of meeting reductions targets set by the Conservatives, the U.S. continues to be on track to meet their emissions reduction goals.

“The Conservatives have stalled action to reduce Canada’s emissions, weakened key environmental protections, and silenced critics,” said Leslie. “The NDP is the only party that has presented a credible plan to ensure Canada reduces greenhouse gas emissions.”