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September 12th, 2019

NDP Will Bring Better Health Care to Brampton

NDP commits to partner with provinces to tackle access to health care
BRAMPTON – Today, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and the NDP's Team Brampton joined together to highlight the urgent need for better health services in Brampton, and committed to investing in health care and working with the city and the province to get a new hospital built.

“When people go to the only hospital in the Brampton region, they wait and wait in pain — only to be moved onto a stretcher or a chair in a hallway,” said Singh. “For years, Liberal and Conservative governments have squeezed health care funding while demand is going up. New Democrats are different – we’re ready to invest in the health services people need, here in Brampton and all across the country.”

People in Brampton currently live with some of the worst hospital overcrowding in Canada. The NDP's New Deal for People commits to tackling health care wait times and expanding access to health care, as well as no-cost access to prescription drugs with national pharmacare.

“When we make the investments in health services like pharmacare, people can stay healthy and save the system money. No one should have to be in a $1,500 a day hospital bed because they couldn’t afford a $5 pill. We can bring in pharmacare and expand health services, if we have the courage to make different choices. Liberal MPs here have let people down – New Democrats will stand with families in Brampton to make sure they get the care they need,” added Singh.

NDP Candidates Saranjit Singh (Brampton East), Mandeep Kaur (Brampton South), Jordan Boswell (Brampton Centre), Melissa Edwards (Brampton North) and Navjit Kaur (Brampton West) joined Singh for the announcement.