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June 29th, 2018

NDP Welcomes Steel and Aluminum Package as a First Step to Support Workers

OTTAWA – After weeks of the NDP calling for support for metal workers, the federal government finally unveiled its list of retaliatory tariffs and support package for steel and aluminum workers on Friday. The NDP welcomes these measures as a positive first step, but New Democrats believe that more must be done to protect Canadian jobs.

“We welcome the announcement for workers, but this is a temporary fix to a long-term problem. Steel and aluminum workers are still deeply worried about their jobs, and auto workers are rightly nervous about the threats of 25% tariffs,” said Tracey Ramsey, NDP International Trade Critic. “Working people will ultimately pay the price for the US-Canada trade war, and more must be done to defend their jobs rather than respond once their jobs have been lost.”

The announcement included the final list of US goods that will face retaliatory tariffs, ranging from washing machines to motorboats. The NDP is calling on the government to ensure that the retaliatory tariffs will not have inadvertent negative impacts for industries such as recreational boating and furniture retail.

“The NDP supports these retaliatory tariffs, but we know these measures alone could potentially affect workers and small and medium businesses in the steel and aluminum sectors,” said Karine Trudel, NDP Labour Critic. “To address this, we have been calling on the government, for weeks now, to develop a sector support plan, and today’s announcement is a positive first step. Now, we need to make sure the measures included in this plan are sufficient, accessible, and appropriate to face the challenges ahead.”