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April 17th, 2014

NDP wants an Open and Transparent Government

The NDP released its initiative for an open and transparent government today, which it will implement when elected Government in 2015. It lays the foundation for an open, transparent, 21st century government that makes information systematically available – not one that hides information from Canadians.

“Consecutive Liberal and Conservative governments have bred a culture of backroom dealing in Ottawa, causing repeated scandals and the most secretive government in Canadian history. By making government information consistently available, we want to put an end to these outdated practices,” said NDP Treasury Board critic Mathieu Ravignat (Pontiac).

With the old-style parties, it is only well-connected insiders who get to know what the government is doing. New Democrats have practical proposals to improve government transparency, accountability and services for all Canadians.

“New technologies have allowed app developers, academics, and engaged citizens to use government data sets to solve problems and improve services for ordinary Canadians,” said NDP Digital Issues critic, Charmaine Borg (Terrebonne—Blainville). “Yet the Conservative approach to open data has been a huge disappointment.”