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October 5th, 2016

NDP tables Bill to regulate advertising to children

OTTAWA – Peter Julian, NDP MP (Burnaby-New Westminster) tabled Bill C- 313, which aims at protecting children from exploitative advertising.

“It is simply unacceptable that we continue to allow advertisers to prey on impressionable children,” said Julian. “Unbridled advertising to children undermines their ability to think critically and promotes the sale of unhealthy foods and products that promote unhealthy lifestyles.”

Bill C-313 provides for the development and implementation of a national strategy on advertising to Children, in cooperation with provinces. It also amends the Broadcasting Act to empower the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission(CRTC) to regulate and monitor the character of advertising directed at children.

“Children ought to be protected from manipulative, behaviour altering advertising,” said Julian. “It is incumbent upon Parliament to make certain that advertisers are held accountable to the highest ethical standards.”

Julian’s bill was developed in cooperation with the Centre for Health Science and Law, based on a review of child development and health science evidence.