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April 23rd, 2018

NDP Statement on Toronto Attack

The following statement was issued by NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh:

"The attack at Yonge and Finch today in Toronto is simply horrific.

It’s a part of the city I know well, that’s dynamic, full of people and pedestrians throughout the day. I’m struck and sickened by the brutality of this violence.

My heart breaks for the families of those murdered who I can only imagine must be completely overwhelmed by this sudden and senseless loss. The thoughts and prayers of millions of Canadians are with you tonight. My thoughts are also with the wounded and I’m sending them strength as they begin a difficult recovery.

While we try to make sense of the senseless, I am deeply grateful for the heroic work of first responders and those aiding the injured. The bravery and determination they demonstrated today is the embodiment of the values Canadians hold dear. And we respect the important work that officials have begun to determine exactly what lead to this terrible act.

We will not let this attack sow hate or division amongst ourselves.

Toronto, like Canada, is strong, diverse, loving and courageous, and this event will not change that. We will come together, we will mourn, we will seek justice, and we will remain strong."