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April 14th, 2019

NDP Statement on Puthandu

Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canada’s NDP, issued the following statement:

On behalf of all New Democrats, I’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all Tamils in Canada and around the world.

Today is Puthandu or Varusha Pirappu, a festive time for celebration. Tamils will come together today with friends and families to enjoy feasts, exchange gifts, and pray for a peaceful and prosperous new year.

Puthandu is a chance to reflect on the year past and embrace new beginnings – and an opportunity for us to honour the important contributions of Canada’s Tamil communities, and the traditions of strength and resiliency that they bring to our diverse communities.

To those celebrating, may Puthandu be a joyous and peaceful celebration for all!

Iniya Tamizh Puthandu Nalvazhthukkal.