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July 9th, 2024

NDP statement on Nunavut Day

NDP critic for Northern Affairs Lori Idlout (Nunavut) made the following statement:

“Today, on Nunavut Day, we celebrate Nunavummiut. Inuit leaders dreamed of a day that a government would be closer to them. On April 1, 1999, Nunavut became a reality.

We come together on Nunavut Day with food, festivals and celebrations to honour our contributions to this country.

It is a great privilege to represent Nunavut as Member of Parliament. I am committed to keep working hard to protect our language, our culture, way of life and for more investments to improve housing and bring down the cost of living in Nunavut.

Like the dream of Nunavut, I dream of Nunavummiut who thrive in our own territory.

Nunavummiut are forced to live in poverty and we must all do our part so they live in dignity. We must protect our natural environment, especially during this climate emergency that is hitting northern communities the hardest.
On behalf of all New Democrats, I encourage everyone to celebrate our remarkable achievements, history and contributions.

Happy Nunavut Day!”