June 11th, 2018

NDP Statement on National Public Service Week

Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canada’s NDP, issued the following statement:

“During National Public Service Week, we take the opportunity to recognize the hard work that our public service employees put towards keeping our country running smooth, on a daily basis.

From caring for us in the hospital to inspecting our food supply, public service employees play a vital role in essential services we all depend on.

Every day, this dedicated corps helps Canadians from coast-to coast-to-coast obtain the services they need, but they can often get overlooked, and with successive Liberal and Conservative governments, there have been many instances where we fail them entirely.

More recently, when we look at the widespread issues around the Phoenix Pay System, we see hundreds of thousands of public service employees being impacted due to Liberal mismanagement.

the Liberal government rolled out the faulty pay system, serving hundreds of thousands of public service employees, despite knowing it was not ready. And despite spending $750 million to try to fix it, problems persist.

The Auditor General recently described the issues around the Pheonix pay system as “an incomprehensible failure”, and has called on the government to repair the damage done to the hundreds of thousands of workers who are now paying the price.

During National Public Service week, New Democrats remain committed to building a strong relationship with our public service — one based on respect for the non-partisan professionalism of our public service.

Canadians should be able to trust that their government is working with public servants to provide better services for all of us."