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May 14th, 2023

NDP Statement on Mother’s Day

Canada’s NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh, issued the following statement:

“Today, on Mother’s Day, I’d like to honour all mothers - and those who take on mothering roles - across Canada for the dedication and hard work they do. Mothers sacrifice daily to give their children the best possible start to life, often without much recognition.
All parents, especially mothers, should have the necessary tools to raise a family. That’s why New Democrats fought for dental care for children and the GST rebate in the most recent budget to make life easier for families. We’re not done yet - we’ll keep fighting for affordable, high-quality childcare so mothers and their families can have the relief they deserve.
To all mothers today - thank you for all you do for your family and this country.
On behalf of all New Democrats, happy Mother’s Day!”