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September 7th, 2020

NDP Statement on Labour Day

Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canada’s NDP, issued the following statement:

Here in Canada, we’ve withstood the pandemic well by working together, and we couldn’t have done it without the sacrifice, courage, and dedication of workers. This Labour Day is an opportunity to honour the essential workers who never stopped showing up and doing their jobs.

While we’ve gotten a lot right, it is undeniable that many of the people we rely on most, are still being left behind. The courage pay bonuses that we fought the federal government for should not come to an end. We need to keep fighting for increases to the minimum wage, and make sure the workers we now all recognise as essential – including those who care for our seniors – make a living wage.

Across the country, people can’t go back to work if they don’t have confidence that their children and elderly parents are being cared for safely. We know this is especially true for women. The only way we can build a real recovery is if it is a recovery for everyone.

Millions of Canadians are still out of work or worried about having a job next week. We need to make sure Employment Insurance is there for everyone who needs it and we need to create good, sustainable jobs that fight climate change and provide care for our children and elders. Building energy efficient affordable housing, as well as investing in quality child care and long-term care will create good jobs today and for the future. To help families make ends meet and stay healthy, we need to add prescription drugs and dental care to Canada’s health care system.

This pandemic has also highlighted the growing divide between the wealthiest Canadians and the rest of us. While most people in Canada were struggling through the pandemic, some corporations and their executives were making record profits. We need to make the ultra wealthy pay just a little bit more so we can build a recovery that works for all of us.

Along with all New Democrats, I stand with workers today and every day, committed to ensuring that every worker is treated fairly and to building a better Canada for all.

Happy Labour Day!