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September 2nd, 2019

NDP Statement on Labour Day

Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canada’s NDP, issued the following statement:

Labour Day is a time to celebrate the many advances made by the labour movement in Canada over the past decades. From the 44-hour work week to paid maternity leave, many significant battles have been fought and won.

New Democrats are proud to have walked with labour all these decades. But the fight to defend workers is not over. Precarious jobs are on the rise, wages are stagnating, and everyday costs are rising. And to top it all, Liberal and Conservative governments keep giving breaks to the richest, while ordinary Canadians are forced to pay the price.

Workers deserve a government that puts them first – and that’s why Jagmeet and the NDP are committed to raising the federal minimum wage to $15 right away – and growing that to a living wage.We’ll also make sure workers have more protections, and that part-time and contract workers are fairly compensated.

Millions of Canadians are struggling to pay the bills every month – even when they work full time. While the cost of housing, medication, and other necessities have skyrocketed, wages haven’t kept up – and that’s because decades of Liberal and Conservative governments have sided with big corporations instead of people.

Justin Trudeau promised he’d bring fairness to workplaces across Canada, but he’s sided with big business and betrayed workers, too.

Today, to celebrate Labour Day, Jagmeet and the NDP are commiting to ensuring that every Canadian worker is treated fairly – and that if you work full time, you can make ends meet. Happy Labour Day!