July 11th, 2018

NDP Statement on Imamat Day

Jagmeet Singh, Leaders of Canada’s NDP, issued the following statement:

“Today, Shia Ismaili Muslims in Canada and around the world are celebrating their 49th hereditary Imam and spiritual leader, His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV.

Since becoming the Imam of the Time in 1957, the Aga Khan has provided guidance in matters of faith, while also using his role to support sustainable development and poverty reduction projects, advance civil society and improve education around the world. This humanitarian work has been recognized by governments and civil society organizations the world over.

As Shia Muslims come together to renew their commitment to their Mawlana Hazar Imam and to the ethics of their faith, let us all reflect on the Aga Khan’s efforts to support the world’s most vulnerable.

The values of pluralism, compassion, inclusion and diversity that inspire the Aga Kahn’s humanitarian efforts also unite us as fellow human beings in Canada and around the world.

I extend my warmest wishes to all those observing Imamat Day.

Khushiali Mubarak Mubarak!"