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June 6th, 2022

NDP statement on the first anniversary of the Islamophobic attack in London

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made the following statement:

“It has been one year since the lethal attack on the Afzaal family in London where four innocent people were targeted and brutally murdered, and a fifth family member was left with serious injuries. The Afzaal family was killed while taking a walk in their own neighbourhood because they were Muslim.

It should be unthinkable that this could happen to a family in our country, but white supremacy and far-right radicalization is a serious problem in Canada— it must not be tolerated. Everyone has a responsibility to confront hatred, Islamophobia and any other form of discrimination whenever we see it.

Canadians expect their government to take meaningful steps to address extremism and hate. It is crucial that the Liberal government take action to address the rising hate online that is radicalizing Canadians. As we see the number of hate-motivated attacks on mosques and on Muslims across the country—the government also has a responsibility to ensure that people have the protections they need against hate crimes and racially motivated attacks in the criminal code.

The NDP recognizes the real threat that continues to be posed by hatred and discrimination that’s why earlier this year, we proposed a bill to ban hate symbols that perpetuate violence and make people feel unwelcomed in their own communities. New Democrats have also successfully pushed the government to shift their policy which previously failed to ban right wing extremist groups, such as white supremacy organizations.

Every person in this country should have the freedom to practice their religion, their culture and customs without feeling unsafe in their neighborhood. Over the past number of years, we have seen some politicians stoke division and fuel animosity as a way of winning political points. This is wrong. In Canada, it is our diversity that makes our country unique and strong.

Today, we are thinking of the Muslim community across Canada and in the city of London as we reflect on this solemn anniversary. We are all mourning with you and recommitting to fighting for a better, safer future for everyone.”