April 22nd, 2015

NDP statement on Earth Day

NDP Environment critic Megan Leslie (Halifax) made the following statement on Earth Day:

“Each of us has the power to make changes that will have a big impact on our environment – especially when we work together. Earth Day is an opportunity for Canadians to join people around the world to take action to preserve our planet.

“New Democrats share Canadians’ desire to leave a cleaner, greener planet for the generations that follow us.

“However, the Conservatives have systematically dismantled Canada’s environmental protection laws and have failed Canadians on climate change.

While other countries are preparing their plans for this year’s United Nations climate change conference in Paris, the Harper government’s failure to submit targets by the deadline means that Canada is standing on the sidelines again.

“Canadians deserve better.

“Tom Mulcair’s NDP is the only party with a credible plan to protect the environment and grow the economy. We have re-introduced The Climate Change Accountability Act – strong, effective legislation as part of the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An NDP government would work constructively with other countries to build a low-emissions global economy.

“The greatest legacy we can offer future generations is a clean and healthy planet. Let’s work together to make that happen.”