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June 27th, 2024

NDP statement on Canada’s Multiculturalism Day 2024

Canada's NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh issued the following statement:

“Today is a reminder for all Canadians to celebrate our diversity and appreciate the different cultures and traditions that make our country a great place.

New Democrats are proud of Canada’s inclusivity, but we remain focused on ensuring that our country is a peaceful and welcoming home for all. There is always more work to be done. By working together, we can build a society where all people can thrive and where our diverse cultures are celebrated; this includes lifting up Indigenous languages, cultures, customs, and histories.

We must confront bigotry and discrimination, both at home and around the globe, wherever we encounter it so that everyone can live in dignity, respect and safety.

Multiculturalism Day is an opportunity to celebrate the varied people and communities who have brought their unique talents, knowledge, and perspectives to our nation. We will continue our efforts to promote multicultural heritage in Canada, so that our country remains a land of possibility and peace for all who call it home.

Happy Multiculturalism Day!”