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November 23rd, 2018

NDP Stands with Postal Workers Against Liberal Attacks on Workers' Rights

OTTAWA – On Friday, Jagmeet Singh and the NDP stood with postal workers directly impacted by the issues at the bargaining table in ongoing negotiations with Canada Post, workers who are also facing the back-to-work legislation tabled by the Liberal government.

“These workers love their job and love serving their communities, but they also face tough conditions and the highest rate of injury amongst federal workers,” said Singh. “All they want is fair negotiations but the Liberals have made that impossible.”

The Liberal government has mused about tabling back-to-work legislation for the last two weeks to end the rotating job distributions, a threat that removes any incentive for the corporation to negotiate fairly. Postal workers are bargaining for an end to forced overtime, safer working conditions and pay equity for women.

“This is a betrayal from a prime minister who claimed to support women's equality, safe workplaces and free collective bargaining. Today he is proving that all of those promises were lies," said Diane Mitchell, a single parent, who has worked at Canada Post as a forklift operator in Ottawa for 30 years.

In 2011, the Liberals opposed the Conservative bill to legislate an end to a full stoppage of mail, legislation which was later ruled unconstitutional by the courts.

“New Democrats will always stand up and defend the rights of workers – not just when it’s politically convenient,” added Singh.