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September 15th, 2023

NDP stands with Metroland workers and calls for safeguarding their rights at the frontline of creditor considerations

Deputy Labour critic, NDP MP Matthew Green (Hamilton Centre), made the following statement:

“In a time when local journalism is under siege, and the very foundation of our democracy relies on the flow of information, New Democrats are deeply concerned about the bankruptcy of Metroland Media Group and the impact it has on workers and our communities.

The layoffs of 605 employees, including 68 journalists, is not just a devastating blow to these individuals and their families, but it also further erodes the vital role of local journalism in our society. The decline of print advertising and the ruthless dominance of digital tech giants in the advertising revenue landscape have pushed traditional media outlets to the brink.

It is unacceptable that workers have been left without termination or severance pay. We must ensure that workers’ rights are protected, especially in times of corporate bankruptcy. It is their labour that has sustained these newspapers over the years, and they deserve better.

The NDP calls for a comprehensive review of the laws and regulations surrounding corporate bankruptcy to safeguard the rights and well-being of workers by placing workers compensation and severance at the frontline of creditor considerations. We must also explore innovative ways to support local journalism, which is the lifeblood of our democracy. The loss of community newspapers is not just an economic setback; it’s a blow to democracy itself.

New Democrats stand with the affected employees of Metroland and all workers who find themselves in similar situations. Together, we will work to ensure that workers’ rights are protected, local journalism thrives, and our democracy remains strong.”