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September 8th, 2021

NDP shares plan for a new deal for northern families

New Democrats launch Northern Ontario platform

SUDBURY – Committing to create and support good jobs, protect communities from the effects of climate change, and put reconciliation into action, New Democrats shared their commitments today, to make life better and more affordable for families across Northern Ontario.

NDP candidates Charlie Angus (Timmins-James Bay), Carol Hughes (Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing), Nadia Verrelli (Sudbury) and Andréane Chénier (Nickel Belt) launched the NDP’s Northern platform in Sudbury on Wednesday.

“Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, families in Northern Ontario were struggling from decades of Liberal and Conservative cuts to services,” said Angus. “Instead of helping Northerners get through this pandemic, Justin Trudeau called an early election to help himself. Northern Ontarian are ready for better. We need a strong northern team of NDP MPs to stand up for the North.”

“After six years under Justin Trudeau, the cost of living in Northern Ontario keeps going up while the services we need keep getting cut,” said Hughes. “New Democrats will make life more affordable and provide more services families can depend on.”

New Democrats highlighted five commitments for Northern Ontario:

  • Making life affordable - Cover the costs for prescription medication and dental care, reduce the cost of rent and buying a home, bring down cell phone bills and bring in affordable and reliable broadband to all northern communities.
  • Strengthening Northern services – Hire more nurses and doctors, protect seniors and workers by taking the profit out of long-term care, and faster and free access to mental health care and addictions services.
  • Fighting for jobs and economic growth – Support small businesses and local jobs through the pandemic, ensure an independent FedNor agency is focused on investing in northern economic development and job creation, and prioritize northern steel, lumber, and minerals in infrastructure projects.
  • Putting reconciliation into action - Work in partnership with First Nations to pursue reconciliation and foster thriving, resilient communities with strong public services like clean drinking water, quality housing and better health care.
  • Acting on climate change – End Trudeau’s record of climate failure and multi-million-dollar subsidies to big oil companies, and instead, invest in communities to respond to wildfires, flooding, and extreme weather events.

What Northern Ontario candidates are saying about the NDP’s northern platform:

Nadia Verrelli, Sudbury

“The people of Sudbury and Northern Ontario deserve so much better than Trudeau’s MPs who went into hiding when Laurentian was being devastated by cuts and job losses. They did nothing to help our community. It’s time for an MP who will fight for Sudbury and get the results we need. Together with Jagmeet and the NDP, we’ll get the job done for northern families.”

Andréane Chénier, Nickel Belt

“Justin Trudeau never reversed the Conservative cuts to health care. During this COVID crisis, our hospitals, nurses and frontline health workers have been exhausted. New Democrats will reverse those cuts, strengthen our public health care system and invest in more nurses and front-line health workers for Northerners and our families.”

Janine Seymour, Kenora

“The effects of climate change in the Northwest cannot be ignored and action needs to be taken immediately. The NDP's platform will address preventing further weather-related disasters by working quickly and efficiently in consultation with communities in heavily-forested areas. This includes Indigenous people whose traditional way of life is currently in peril. The NDP will establish an Office of Environmental Justice to examine and address the effects of climate change and to ensure that Métis, First Nations and Inuit peoples are full and equal partners in Canada's determination to win the battle against climate change.”

Chantelle Bryson, Thunder Bay-Superior North

"The COVID pandemic continues to have devastating impacts on seniors, small businesses, workers, youth and families. Fear, grief, economic and social loss, and uncertainty for the future affect us all. I am committed to guarding against further impacts with responsible emergency planning, continued business and worker supports, affordability of housing and services, and access to meaningful connections and mental health care.

Yuk-Sem Won, Thunder Bay-Rainy River

Everyone in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario deserves the chance to thrive and prosper here. But too often that’s a lot harder than it has to be. It’s time we were represented by MPs who understand that we can do better. I’m proud to have chosen Thunder Bay - Rainy River as my home, and I’m proud to call the people here my neighbours. And I’ll fight for all of us to have the opportunities and the future every Canadian deserves.”

Scott Robertson, Nipissing-Timiskaming

“As a North Bay city councillor, I see right up close just how it affects families and our community when people can’t afford to make ends meet. But while the Liberals talk a good line about affordability, when the chips are down, they keep siding with big corporations — and big corporate profits. The NDP will fight to bring costs down, especially for housing, so every family can afford to build a future for themselves here.”

Marie Morin-Strom, Sault Ste. Marie

“Northern industry jobs need to be supported. New Democrats will invest in our local industries by making sure that infrastructure projects use northern steel and minerals. Only the NDP has a plan to protect our jobs and create local ones with support for small businesses, new technologies and northern start-ups. The NDP will fight for a recovery that makes life better for people, and protects our future. And I’ll fight for the people of Sault Ste. Marie.”