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January 19th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: NDP still best fiscal managers – Liberals are the worst: Finance Canada

Justin Trudeau’s brain trust certainly got awfully excited by the NDP caucus meetings last week – making things up and engaging in negative attacks.

It seems Liberals are upset about the NDP proposing a modest roll back of the Harper Conservatives’ corporate tax giveaways to profitable companies.

So what better way to add some sanity – and evidence – to this debate by once again going back to look at the Department of Finance’s Fiscal Reference Tables.

Comparing the fiscal record of each party, once again the NDP comes out on top as the best fiscal managers with a 44.8% record of balancing the budget. Conservatives come in second, with 41.6% record of balanced budgets.

The Liberals score lowest as fiscal managers, with a record of only 23.4% balanced budgets.

Political Party

Budgets in Surplus









The updated reference tables also show that Stephen Harper added $144.6 billion to Canada’s federal debt – putting him second only to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Canadians deserve better.