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November 14th, 2013

NDP REALITY CHECK: Chrystia Freeland Part II: Why does Justin Trudeau’s economic advisor admire Margaret Thatcher?

Chrystia Freeland was appointed by Justin Trudeau to be his Economic Advisor, as well as the Liberal by-election candidate in Toronto Centre.

Freeland says smart managers ship middle class jobs to China – but at least she doesn’t say she admires the Chinese dictatorship.

Shipping middle-class jobs to China, or hollowing them out with machines, is a win for smart managers and their shareholders. We call the result higher productivity. – Chrystia Freeland, Washington Post, Feb 14 2013

So if she doesn’t admire Chinese dictatorships, who does she admire?


Speaking on CBC, Freeland outlined how Margaret Thatcher’s policies mean no outsourcing of jobs, but shipping good middle class jobs overseas now is just what smart managers do.

When Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, you couldn't have workers in India and China do the jobs that people in the UK were doing. Now… that’s what smart business people have to do.
– Chrystia Freeland, Lang and O’Leary Exchange, April 8, 2013

Freeland went even further and declared what the Liberal Party of Canada really needs is another Margaret Thatcher.

Liberals need their own Margaret Thatcher, and they haven't found her yet.
– Chrystia Freeland, Globe and Mail, Apr 11 2013

Canadians deserve better.