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November 6th, 2023

NDP pushes for less power for CEOs in Ottawa and more protection for Canadian consumers

Food prices have risen by 30 per cent since Justin Trudeau became prime minister

OTTAWA — On Monday, Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s bill to lower food prices and deliver relief for Canadians was debated in Ottawa. The Liberals’ response to the sky-high food prices has brought no relief for Canadians. They’ve ignored the affordability issues hurting Canadians for almost two years before eventually asking the CEOs of big grocers to “stabilize” already high prices which hasn’t helped yet.

A recent report from Foodbanks Canada shows the highest foodbank usage on record—a 32 per cent increase since 2022. Singh says legislation is crucial to ensure measures that protect Canadian families are enshrined in law.

“Canadians are working hard and doing everything right, but they’re falling further behind,” said Singh. “Instead of protecting Canadians from getting gouged at the grocery stores, Liberals and Conservatives are protecting big grocery CEOs’ massive profits. It’s clear that Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre are never going to tackle the corporate greed that is driving up costs for Canadians. They’ve both built an Ottawa that serves the interests of CEOs—not hardworking Canadians. Government can’t stand by while Canadians pay sky-high prices and struggle to put good, healthy food on the table. The focus has to be on helping people make ends meet—not on increasing CEOs wealth and massive corporate profits. Unlike the other parties the NDP believes Ottawa should work for you and your family.”

Singh has been urging the Liberal government to adopt his bill that will meaningfully increase penalties for price fixing, help smaller grocery stores by protecting them against anti-competitive tactics from bigger players, give the competition bureau more powers to crack down on abuses like price-gouging consumers, and stop mergers that decrease competition and hurt Canadians.

“From coast-to-coast-to-coast, food banks are seeing a significant increase in usage. People are having a harder time feeding their kids and the Liberals have failure to bring down food prices,” said Singh. “And Pierre Poilievre’s anger is more about him getting attention and power than delivering help to people. He has refused to crack down on the corporate greed forcing hardworking Canadians to make impossible choices.

“New Democrats know who they stand for—you and your family. We will keep fighting to deliver the protection and relief you deserve.”